Packing & Moving Services in Sarasota

It’s very common for traveling families to not have enough time to pack everything when they’re ready to move. Perhaps you just got a new job, in a different state, and need to haul your entire home to a new address in less than a month. The logistics can be intimidating and daunting, which is why we’re here to help with comprehensive packing and moving.

Our Packing & Moving Services

We assist several folks who need help packing their belongings for a variety of reasons: they’re busy, have young children, or care for senior relatives who can’t pack for themselves. This is where we supply the boxes, pack your household items, tape and label everything, and load the truck.

sarasota senior moving

Full or Partial Packing Service

Our guys can do as much of the work as you need. We like to customize our service as much as possible. We’ll pack just a few things or everything, per your request. It even includes disassembling furniture for either local or long-distance moves.

Yes, We Handle Specialty Items

There are always a lot of questions regarding special or fragile items. We consistently use professional packing and moving practices, designed to accommodate difficult items ranging from computer equipment and fine china to grand pianos and expensive chandeliers. For fragile materials, it’s crucial to wrap them carefully with bubble wrap and packing peanuts, using specialty boxes.

Advantages of Selecting the Larkin Team for Packing & Moving

  • We’ll help the process go much smoother and faster than “DIY” moving.
  • Your priceless positions won’t break in the box or during transport.
  • You won’t need to break a sweat since we can do just about everything for you.
  • We offer competitive service rates for every service and accommodation.
  • This is available for in-state and out-of-state moving.
  • Experienced packers know all the tricks to fitting things into boxes without ruining anything.

Call us Soon for All Your Moving Needs

Whenever you have to relocate, there’s enough stress involved with setting up everything at a new address. Why not lessen some of the burden and free up time for all the other challenges? So, remember your friends at Larkin Moving & Handling the next time you make a local or long-distance move. We’ll pack your stuff, load the truck, drive it, unload it, and more. Contact us anytime to ask questions or schedule service by calling 941-444- 2428.



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